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About Us

Our Team – available for in-rooms, telehealth and home visits


Physiotherapist & Practice principal

Sharon has had a passion for treating hypermobility throughout her 24 years as a physiotherapist. 
Sharon has skills in rehabilitation and problems solving of management of road blocks that can derail rehabilitation.

Dr x.chen


Dr Chen is a post doctoral physiotherapist with a special interest in hypermobility. 
Dr Chen has a passion for management of complex neck issues and their relationship to headaches, migraine, jaw issues, shoulder problems, balance and POTS/dysautonomia.

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Marlisa is highly motivated to assist her hypermobile patients. 
She is available for treatment of clients of all ages and also has an interest in school age children with appointments after school and on Saturdays. Marlisa also does home visits for those clients who are unable to travel to the practice. 

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Belinda Breust physiotherapy not just bendy




Belinda is an experienced physiotherapist who has a broad knowledge base including a passion for using Pilates as a tool for rehabilitation.Belinda has a special interest in spinal issues of the back and also has experience in rehabilitation of ballet and dance injuries.

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April has worked with and treated a diverse range of patients in private clinic and hospital settings for over 10 years. She is passionate about genuinely listening to patients with hypermobility in order to help them achieve personal health goals and be their best self.


Lucy YAn



Lucy is an experienced physiotherapist with masters degrees in both Sports physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal (spinal) physiotherapy. 

Lucy utilises Pilates in her rehab approach and has a special interest in neck, back and shoulder issues.

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