April Meggs

Senior Physiotherapist

Available for individual consultation

Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Australia

(07) 3123 4826


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April completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours at the University of Queensland in 2008, followed by a Master of Arts in 2010.

April has worked with and treated a diverse range of patients in private clinic and hospital settings for over 10 years. She is passionate about genuinely listening to patients with hypermobility in order to help them achieve personal health goals and be their best self. Her extensive experience includes:

    • Providing physiotherapy treatment in medical and surgical wards, as well as post-op, cardio-respiratory, and orthopaedic wards

    • Teaching clinical pilates, with specialist focus on antenatal and postnatal clients

    • Using Western dry needling to complement manual therapy and aid in patient recovery.

April regularly engages in professional development to ensure her skills and knowledge are up to date with latest evidence-based practice. She has recently completed an Explain Pain course and also a Level 1 Women’s health course. She has regular training and mentoring sessions with Sharon Hennessey, the principal of Not Just Bendy.

In her spare time, April enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes. She loves spending time with her two young boys, including exploring new playgrounds on the weekends and bike riding as a family. Her other interests are traveling and experiencing new cultures.

To make an appointment with April, please contact us on (07) 3123 4826.

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