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Belinda Breust

Senior Physiotherapist

Available for individual consultation

Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane, Australia

(07) 3123 4826

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Belinda Breust is a highly qualified, dedicated and motivated physiotherapist with fifteen years of experience.

Belinda is excited to bring her advanced skills in movement analysis, muscle assessment and exercised based rehabilitation to Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services.

Belinda Studied a Masters of Physiotherapy at Griffith University and went on to consolidate her physio skills in orthopaedics, cardiac, neuro and rehab at some of the major hospitals throughout Tasmania (RHH) and Victoria (RMH, RCH).

On making the change to private practice, it was here where Belinda was introduced to Mechanical Diagnostic Therapy (MDT) and appreciated its very mathematical approach to diagnoses and treatments. She went on to further studies in MDT and passed her credentialing exam in 2010. This is also known as the McKenzie Method. She has since used this treatment method to great success for mainly spinal conditions of the low back and neck.

Belinda also furthered her studies through Dance Medicine Australia (DMA) to become a Clinical Pilates Clinician. She was quick to incorporate this specific form of exercise into her rehabilitation of clients, realising how beneficial a specific and targeted program can be to clients suffering from pain and disability. It was during her time in Melbourne that she became Director of a very successful Clinical Pilates clinic that used solely Pilates based rehabilitation (with a few exceptions) to treat clients.

As a dancer in a previous life, Belinda has developed her special interest in dance medicine and consequently worked with a lot of very “bendy” subjects. Belinda has completed training in extreme mobility and how to control and manage these features in hypermobile clients during exercise. Belinda has worked with consultants from the Australian Ballet and gained a huge appreciation for how exercise prevention and rehabilitation can work to provide a strong and functional body. She enjoys using her keen observation and skilled rehabilitation techniques to mould broken bodies back to good health.  

Belinda has been a member of the APA since graduating and has been an active participant in APA professional development both as a recipient, as a lecturer and a course coordinator for the Dance Network, a special chapter group within the APA.

In her spare time (wait! Did I really say that?) she enjoys dancing, playing with her two young children, camping and exploring the beautiful outdoors in any way possible.

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