Classes for Hypermobility

Small group exercise classes for those with hypermobility

Blending Clinical Pilates with strength & conditioning

Focus on working towards your functional goals

Group size = 3-4 participants

Individualised Programs

Physiotherapist Supervised

Class times listed below

A pre-assessment with one of our Physiotherapists is required prior to attending classes.

During this appointment we will learn about your medical history and goals, introduce you to the gym space, and create an individualized program.

As your safety is our priority, one-to-one sessions may be necessary before classes can be commenced.


Schedule for Hypermobility Classes



Balanced & Strong: Daytime



Friday 4:30-5:30pm

Balanced and Strong: Evening

For those with work or other daytime commitments

A great way to unwind.

Friday 5:30-6:30pm

Balanced & Strong: Evening

For those with work or other daytime commitments.

A great way to unwind.

Anytime is possible

Balanced and Strong: New Classes


Register your interest with the days/times your are available.

Once we have 2 participants ready to start a class together we can start new times to suit!


Our therapists understand how complicated being hypermobile can be, and the need to balance strength with rest and safe stretching.

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Find Your Balance.

Our classes run for up to 55 minutes.

During your class, you will be completing your individually prescribed exercise program with guidance and supervision from our Physiotherapist.

You can expect to complete a combination of resistance training and Pilates-based exercise, using various machines in our well-equipped gym.


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Find your Strength.

Resistance training helps increase muscle strength by working against a force, such as your body-weight, an exercise band or dumbbells.

Meanwhile Pilates-based exercises focus on control, stability, and mobility of the muscles.These exercises can be performed on specialized equipment such as a reformer.


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