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Our new clients often ask us about pricing, location and our management approaches. Here are  some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question below, don’t worry; simply call a member of our team or email us your questions

  • Please note: Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services has a code of conduct for our clients and has a zero tolerance policy for rude, harassing, manipulating, intimidating or violent behavior towards their therapists, receptionists and other clients. We also have the right to withdraw service for any reason we choose without explanation.  Enforcement of this policy is at our discretion and you will be excluded from attending our practice in the future. For more information please see more details here

  • Where is Not Just Bendy located?

We are located at our new, custom-built home for hypermobility in Eight Mile Plains.

Our contact details are as follows: 

Freeway Office Park 2,
Building 9, Level 1,
2728 Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains. QLD 4113
Phone: (07) 3123 4826.   Fax: (07) 3532 8704

Directions can be found here: https://notjustbendy.com/directions/

  • What is your current covid-19 policy? 

 At Not Just Bendy, we have many patients who are immuno- compromised and require a higher level of care.

For these reasons, we will continue with the following conditions at this point:

– Mandatory staff vaccinations

– Care will not be denied to any patient based on vaccination status

– Masks can be worn by our physiotherapy clients at the clients request or at the discretion of the therapist

– Patients and visitors can wear a mask if they choose

– Surface cleaning after each client

– It is advised that only essential carer or parents/guardians accompany patients when visiting our clinic. Maximum of the client and one other person preferred during our physio sessions.

  • What can I expect from my physiotherapy sessions at Not Just Bendy?

At Not Just Bendy, prior to your first booking, we will send you an online questionnaire where we ask you a variety of questions about your goals and conditions.  This will take you 10-20 minutes to complete and gives us a lot of important information to consider. 

Over the next two sessions we complete a full history of your issues and establish your goals further.  We conduct a postural and movement assessment, and hone in on any specific issues you have. 

We provide valuable advice and start your rehabilitation plan but this will not fully be in place until the end of your second session. This is because we do a very detailed assessment process.

We can let you know if you fit the criteria for a hypermobile spectrum disorder, and can provide advice for further medical assessment if required. Further information is available here: https://notjustbendy.com/about-us/

  • Are Not Just Bendy taking new patients for physiotherapy?

    Yes we have physiotherapists who are taking on new patients. However due to a high demand for our physiotherapists, the current wait time for an initial appointment is approximately 6-8 weeks.  When you book your initial assessment, we also book your follow up appointment within a few weeks of the initial – that way you are not in a situation where we cannot continue your management in an appropriate time frame. 

    Unfortunately our principal Sharon Hennessey has closed her books currently but there is a waiting list available for when she opens up her books again.  Physiotherapist Dr X.Chen is on extended leave and is not currently seeing any clients.

  • How long do the physiotherapy assessment appointments take?

    Due to the complexity of the majority of our clients we require an initial appointment of 60 minutes. This first session can be completed over telehealth (zoom) especially if you need to travel to see us or have fatigue/mobility issues or have a complex presentation or multiple issues.

    We also prefer that our second session is 60 minutes if possible.   These two sessions enable us to complete your full assessment, formulate a plan, give you comprehensive education and start your exercise/rehabilitation program. 

    Ongoing appointment frequency will be discussed with you and we try to balance factors such as travel time, finances and amount of input you require.

  • I would like to get stronger – should I see your physiotherapists for Pilates?

Our physiotherapists can get you started on an exercise program to do at home.  Once you have the basics under control you can move into Bendy and Strong Classes in our pilates and exercise gym.  Unless you have prior recent experience with pilates or exercise you will likely need at least two sessions (often more) before we can start you in a class.

  • What are your fees?

  • What are the prices for telehealth?

Telehealth consultations attract the same fee as our in-rooms sessions for the same length of time.  This is because our therapists still need to allocate the same time in their schedule for telehealth assessments as for in- rooms treatments.

  • Why does the initial session cost more?

Our therapists need to take more time outside of new patient appointments to review your history, scans, Doctors’ letters etc., and take important information from your new patient online questionnaire.  Often there is follow up and correspondence that is associated with new patients as well as postural analysis and exercise program setup.  These items are usually completed after your second session as per “How long do the appointments take?”

  • Do I need a referral from a GP?

You do not need a referral from a GP to attend physiotherapy.

  • What is the best way to make an appointment?

The best way to make an appointment is to email reception@notjustbendy.com or call 3123 4826.

  • What should I wear?

Our physiotherapists need to be able to get a clear picture of your condition so we would prefer you wear shorts that are a little loose and finish above the knee and a singlet, sports crop or bra.  If this causes some anxiety, we can make modifications for most situations and we have some spare garments if you do not have anything suitable.  You are able to change at the start or during your session if required.

For pilates/gym sessions and classes, typical gym type gear is appropriate. 

  • Are you able to treat my child?

Yes, we are able to see children over the age of 3 for their hypermobility related challenges.  We will refer children on to specialty peadiatric physiotherapy practices if needed.

  • Do you offer Pilates or classes?

    Many of our physiotherapists have training and experience in Pilates and offer individual sessions.  Your home program can also incorporate elements of Pilates. We also have supervised small group Pilates classes (max of 3 persons) run by one of our therapists.  An individual assessment is required prior to starting any class, Pilates, or gym work.

  • Do you write reports so I can access the NDIS or Disability Support Pension (DSP)?

    Completing reports for the NDIS or DSP are complicated and take a great deal of time. 

    Due to this we can only do reports for clients who have gone through our assessment processes and have been clients of our clinic for a minimum of 3 months.  There are additional charges for any interview sessions to collect further information for the reports, and also a charge for reports based on our therapists’ pro-rata hourly rate.

    More details about costs of reports can be found here

  • Do you accept Medicare Chronic Disease Management plans (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) if I am referred from my GP?

    Yes, we do – you are entitled to up to 5 ‘Allied Health’ consultations per calendar year, which can be used for physiotherapy or exercise physiology. You will need a special plan prepared by your GP, commonly known as an EPC (enhanced primary care) or Chronic Disease Management Plan. As we are not a bulk-billing clinic, you will be required to pay the full Physiotherapy consultation fee at the time of your appointment. You can then claim your rebate from Medicare. If you bring your Medicare card to the clinic we can process your Medicare rebate on the spot, and pay the rebate onto your Debit Card (you will also need your debit card for this).

Please see our Prices Page for the current Medicare rebate amount. 

  • How about private health?

    Yes, private health rebates apply for physiotherapy.  All health funds are different so you need to check with your provider.  We have a HICAPS machine so we can claim your rebate directly from the health insurer, leaving you to pay any gap between their rebate and our existing fees.

  • Do you offer any discounts for Pensioner Concession Card or Disability Support Pension?

As a small business, we are not able to offer discounts at this time.  Our pricing structure is tiered to ensure more affordable access to our services.

  • What if I need to cancel?

Please read our Cancellation & No Show Policy

  • What if I arrive late to my appointment?

    ​​Our service providers always endeavour to run on time, so if you arrive late, this will unfortunately reduce your treatment time. Usually, our providers aren’t able to add additional time at the end of the appointment to make up for any missed time, as they are usually fully booked. We are also unable to adjust the appointment fee to account for any lost time due to your late arrival.

  • What about NDIS?

Yes, we do see NDIS clients who are self-managed or plan-managed only.  We are not a registered provider so cannot see NDIA-managed clients.  For plan-managed clients we require a service agreement, which you will be asked to fill in prior to your first appointment. Details on how to download this are available in the email and online questionnaire you will receive soon after booking in for your first session.

  • I just have a few quick questions for my therapist?  Can they call me or email me outside of my session?

As I am sure you can imagine we have many hundreds of patients with complex problems and presentations to care for, so unfortunately our physiotherapists are unable to take phone calls with clients or correspond via email outside of appointment times other than for emergency reasons. 

If you have issues specific to your exercise program or a flare of symptoms, or you would like an earlier appointment then we recommend you call (3123 4826) or email reception@notjustbendy.com and the reception team will pass on messages for you. 

If general questions come up between your sessions, it is a good idea to keep a list (eg. on your phone) to discuss with your therapist at your next session.

For some circumstances, a short (up to 15 minutes) phone or telehealth consultation can be arranged with your therapist.  These are charged at around $50.

  • Does Not Just Bendy have a privacy policy?

Yes, the Not Just Bendy Privacy Policy is online at NotJustBendy.com/privacy/


  • Please note: Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services has a code of conduct for our clients and has a zero tolerance policy for rude, harassing, manipulating, intimidating or violent behavior towards their therapists, receptionists and other clients. We also have the right to withdraw service for any reason we choose without explanation.  Enforcement of this policy is at our discretion and you will be excluded from attending our practice in the future. For more information please see more details here