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Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services has been created due to a real need in the community to understand, assess and manage the complexity of problems associated with hypermobility. Our physiotherapists have extensive training in general physiotherapy and also in hypermobility. We have opened the first custom built facility in Australia designed specifically for hypermobility.

Many physiotherapy practices will claim that they know how to treat hypermobility, but they are not 100% dedicated to hypermobility like we are. 

We are endeavoring to be friendly to neurodivergent and LQBTQI+ clients.  Our practice has private spacious treatment rooms, dimmable lights (for light sensitive clients), undercover parking and lift access.  As the building in new we have have no mould and minimal dust (thanks to our robot vacuum that runs every night) which is ideal for clients with allergies.  We have a rehabilitation gym with pilates equipment, weights and other small apparatus for individual and small group exercise.

We sell a wide range of products that we have sourced from around the world to assist those with hypermobility including supportive braces, self massage equipment and some zebra patterned merchandise.


What we offer:


  • Screening & Prevention Assessments
    • General advice & exercise for those who are hypermobile to help prevent development of Musculoskeletal issues


  • Posture and Functional Movement Assessments
    • Analysis of how different body parts interact during everyday positions and activities.


  • Retrain your muscles to provide a deep muscle sling of support, around areas of instability or weakness.
    • Learn control through the use of innovative technology including video analysis, Real-time ultrasound imaging and Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NEMS)


  • Holistic, paced exercise plans for complex and complicated presentations


  • Specific joint and muscle assessment for all areas including neck, headaches, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, knees and feet.


  • Improve endurance and build muscle strength/bulk and progress into safe Pilates or gym-based programs.


  • Hands on techniques (massage, mobilisation of the joints/tissues) and dry needling for pain relief


  • Communication with your GP, specialists and other members of your multi-disciplinary team.


  • Education and Knowledge:
    • Stiffness and the best ways to manage it
    • Hints and tips to cope with everyday life
    • Advice on taping and bracing
    • Development of pain management strategies
    • Discussion about the non-musculoskeletal symptoms that are commonly related to hypermobility including POTS/dysautonomia and fatigue.


  • See our FAQ (frequently asked questions) for more information
Not Just Bendy gym is designed for hypermobility with pilates reformer and cadilliac table as well as weights and balls etc



Comprehensive Physiotherapy for Hypermobility Spectrum and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes.



Providing evidence-informed rehabilitation with modern technologies, caring and understanding.



Committed to understanding all aspects of the hypermobile experience.

Helping those with connective tissue disorders to do more of the things that they love.



Our physiotherapists (from the left) Chen, April, Sharon, Elissa, Lucy, Maria and Marlisa








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