What are your prices/fees for treatment at Not Just Bendy?

Payment is required at the time of treatment and can be made by EFTPOS or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). NB: – card transaction fees may apply.

Consultation Price Updates

From 10th October 2022, Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services will have a fee increase based on CPI. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly.  NJB has not had a price increase since January 2021 despite increasing costs of consumables, rent and wages during this time.  At Not Just Bendy we pride ourselves on providing a service that empowers our clients, and we spend significant time outside of appointment sessions recording notes and planning further sessions. But we also understand that this may place strain on some clients, so we have decided to tier the pricing structure of our practitioners so that prices for some of our therapists will remain unchanged.

The tiers we use are as follows:

  • Principal Physiotherapist – The lead therapist of the team and practice principal physiotherapist Sharon Hennessey – has extensive knowledge of hypermobility and lectures in this area.
  • Senior Physiotherapists – These physiotherapists have been many years of general physiotherapy experience as well as extensive training and experience in the hypermobility field.  They have a large following of their own and are often booked out in advance.
  • Associate Physiotherapists – Fully registered physiotherapists who are more recent additions to the Not Just Bendy team.

Please be assured that all our physiotherapists are extensively trained in hypermobility and associated conditions, are mentored by our principal physiotherapist Sharon Hennessey and continue to keep up to date on the latest health and medical studies. All our physiotherapists have experience in handling complex hypermobile patients.

Consultation Prices

  • For our principal physiotherapist Sharon Hennessey
    • Initial appointment (up to 60 minutes) $252
    • Follow up appointment (up to 60 minutes) $224
    • Follow up appointment (up to 30 minutes) $120


  • For our senior physiotherapists (Maria, Belinda, April, Suraiyah & Marlisa)
    • Initial appointment (up to 60 minutes) $235
    • Follow up appointment (up to 60 minutes) $209
    • Follow up appointment (up to 30 minutes) $112


  • For our associate physiotherapists (Elissa & Laurel):
    • Initial appointment (up to 60 minutes) $220
    • Follow up appointment (up to 60 minutes) $195
    • Follow up appointment (up to 30 minutes) $105

Class Prices

Balanced & Strong Group Exercise

  • $57.50 (up to 55 minutes)
  • (3 person group supervised by our Physiotherapist)
    Private health rebates may be available for these groups *


Private Health Insurance

If you have Private Health Insurance, make sure to bring your card with you as you will be able to make a claim at the time of your appointment. You will then only be required to pay the gap amount. * Please check directly with your health fund for your rebate entitlement as this varies depending on your provider and level of coverage.



If you have a chronic medical condition that is being managed by your GP under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan, previously known as the Enhanced Primary Care plan (EPC), please bring your CDM referral from your GP, and your Medicare card, to your appointment.

Please note that Not Just Bendy does not offer bulk billed services. We require full payment at the time of appointment, upon which we will lodge your claim with Medicare. The current Medicare rebate (as at July 2022) is $56.00 per session. You may be entitled to a higher Medicare rebate if you have reached your safety net for the calendar year, up to 85% of the fee. Please note this figure may change, based on government policy.

If you have private health insurance, you can choose to make a claim though your private health fund or Medicare but not both.


Workers Compensation or Third Party / Insurance

WorkCover or Third Party clients must be referred by a medical practitioner and provide their referral prior to, or at, the first session. You will need to provide your Insurance Company details including case manager contact details and your claim number.

If your claim has not yet been approved, we ask that you pay for each session until your claim is approved. An invoice will be issued for you to claim reimbursement.

As with Medicare and Private Health funds, there may be a gap between what WorkCover or Insurance covers and what the treatment costs. Speak to your insurer or visit the WorkSafe website for a list of scheduled fees.


Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

There is no gap fee for DVA patients and services are billed directly to the DVA. Please remember to bring your DVA card and provide a copy of a valid D904/GP referral.  Session length for DVA clients is capped at 30 minutes per visit.



Self-Managed Participants

NDIS participants who are self-managing their plan can access physiotherapy services at standard rates. You will be provided with receipts to make a payment request through your myplace portal.

Plan-Managed Participants

The NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits apply to all NDIS Plan Managed clients. Your NDIS plan will need to have funding preallocated for physiotherapy under the appropriate support category. After provision of supports, the invoice will be sent to your nominated plan management provider for payment.  All time spent on an individual’s case (including non face-to-face tasks) will be billed.

Additional NDIS Information

  • Travel: Travel costs are billed at a pro rata amount of up to 30 minutes of the above hourly rate to the participant and the return journey of up to 30 mins for the final participant of the day.  Please ask us for a travel quote estimate.
  • Report Writing: will be charged at a pro rata amount of the hourly rate.
  • Non face-to-face activities: in accordance with the NDIS price guide, we charge for non face-to-face activities at a pro rata amount of our hourly rate (eg exercise programs, liaising with team members, letters, notes)
  • Cancellations: cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at 100% of the hourly rate for the agreed session cost (ie includes time set aside to travel to and from your appointment)
  • Service Agreements: you will be required to sign a service agreement in order to receive our services.

More Questions

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