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It is time to welcome to the world – Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services. Located within the PhysioTec practice, Not Just Bendy, is an expansion of the high quality, consistent service that physiotherapist Sharon Hennessey has provided to those with hypermobility over the last seven years. 

As medical engagement and understanding about connective tissues issues is improving there have been a large amount of people diagnosed with hypermobile- Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and generalised hypermobility syndrome. What was once thought to be a rare condition is perhaps a lot more common than previously thought.

Hypermobility physiotherapists Sharon, Chen & Marlisa at Not Just Bendy
Hypermobility physiotherapists Sharon, Chen & Marlisa

Not Just Bendy has been established by Sharon Hennessey to respond to this avalanche of people (mostly women) searching for therapists who will work with them collaterally, without blame or judgement.

Joining Sharon’s team are physiotherapists Dr X.Chen and new staff member Marlisa Kwan. The goal is to provide physiotherapy assessment, advice, exercises and services for those with complex needs associated with generalised hypermobility and the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

Be assured that these changes will improve our patient care and allow us to focus on delivering high quality care in a variety of settings including in-rooms, telehealth (online) and consultations in your own home (home visits).

Working from within the highly respected physiotherapy clinic of Dr Alison Grimaldi, PhysioTec allows our clients access to highly advanced technology, equipment, Pilates gym, strengthening gym, private consultation rooms and friendly reception staff.

PhysioTec and Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services will work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for all hypermobility issues. PhysioTec will continue to provide specialist care for dancers, cyclists and sports people, those with more specific hip/pelvic issues and supervised equipment Pilates classes.

Your Not Just Bendy physiotherapist will let you know if you require input from these PhysioTec specialties and also recommend other allied health practitioners and specialist doctors. We believe strongly in multi-disciplinary care and have spent years in Brisbane developing relationships with these other professionals with an interest and understanding in hypermobility.

As our name suggests we know that hypermobility is Not Just being Bendy. And we want to make your life more than just being bendy too.

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