NDIS Supporting Evidence Reports

Preparing and completing reports to support new applications for the NDIS can be a stressful time for those applying for NDIS support for their impairment/disability.

Hypermobile–Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (H-EDS) and other hypermobility disorders are not automatically covered. To increase your likelihood of becoming an approved participant of the NDIS, individuals need to have evidence demonstrating the functional impairments through a report completed by a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

In addition, it is necessary to include official diagnosis of your disability and documentation from a specialist to confirm that diagnosis (eg. h-eds, POTS, anxiety, autism, other). Your application will also need to show that this the disability and its impairments are permanent and all possible treatments have been attempted.

At Not Just Bendy Hypermobility Services, we have experience with writing NDIS supporting evidence reports and have assisted many of our H-EDS clients to successfully apply for NDIS support/funding.  This report writing process is incredibly time consuming for our practitioners and takes time away from doing what they are best us – treating clients with hypermobility. 

We prefer only to write reports for clients of our practice and have a strict 3 sessions minimum before we will be able to consider writing a report AND your physiotherapist will not proceed with a report unless they feel you have a good chance of being accepted onto the NDIS

To produce high quality reports, we unfortunately need to charge for the time spent preparing these. We appreciate your understanding and respect for the time spent to produce these reports. Please note we cannot guarantee acceptance onto the NDIS with the inclusion of our reports and your therapist has the right to decline completing a report if they do not think your application is likely to be accepted.

What is the process?

Once your physiotherapist has gotten to know you, you can discuss if they have time available to write a report for you (unfortunately we cannot write reports for clients who are not current patients of our practice). If you have not been attending Physiotherapy on a regular basis, there is a chance your application can be rejected, and we recommend actively participating in Physiotherapy prior to tackling the NDIS Access process.

We have a small team of physiotherapists who write these reports regularly and your physio may refer you on to this service, if they do not have any available time themselves.

What Reports do you Offer?

We offer two types of reports

  1. An Extensive Functional Report
  2. A letter of support

1. An Extensive Functional Report

Report length  >10 pages, includes:

  1. Your Diagnosis
  2. Explanation of diagnosis and other disabilities
  3. History of your condition
  4. Past Treatment undertaken
  5. Detailed information on all six NDIS domains and how your impairments limit your abilities in each domain.
    1. Mobility,
    2. Communication,
    3. Social Interaction,
    4. Learning,
    5. Self-Care,
    6. Self-Management
  6. Standardised questionnaires supplied by your physio, scored and a table of results included in your report
  7. Objective measurements of your abilities (compared to aged matched normal data when this is available) – (Please note: this requires a 30 min appointment in rooms)
  8. Recommendations for NDIS goals
  9. Recommendations for physiotherapy and other recommendations for NDIS funding in the future

If your treating therapist does not have the capacity or experience to complete this report for you, you will be referred to another member of our team.


Private Payer:

Interview 60 minutes + 30 mins in rooms for objective assessment (both at normal physiotherapy rates) + Report cost of $395.

From 1st September 2023 report cost is increasing to $450.

NDIS Payer:
  • participants already on the NDIS needing a new report for a plan review or appeal will be charged at the physiotherapy hourly rate of $193.99/hour (prorated for time spent)


2. A letter of Support for NDIS access:

Report length 1-3 pages. Includes:

  • Your diagnosis
  • An explanation your main impairments and their functional impact
    • General comments on your difficulties with mobility, self-care, and community access
  • Your treatment to date and your response to that treatment
  • Proposed Frequency of Treatment on the NDIS
  • Other Recommendations regarding Low cost AT and involvement of other members of the Multi-disciplinary team


Report cost =$100 ($150 for complex clients at the discretion of NJB admin)

From 1st September 2023 letter of support cost cost is increasing to $125.


When do I pay the costs?

Costs for the sessions with your physiotherapist are required on the day of the session.

We require a 50% deposit on the cost of the report before our therapist will begin writing the report and the balance is payable before you receive your draft copy. 

You are given a draft report to check for spelling to give you the opportunity to review and discuss any small alterations required, this is included in the cost of your report. If you require multiple draft changes or significant report alterations, this will occur an additional cost.

Which report should I choose?

The supporting letter is recommended if you already have a full functional assessment from an OT (occupational therapist) and the letter supports the recommendations and assessments already done by the OT.

If you do not have any other reports completed, and you are trying to get on the NDIS for your hypermobility then the extensive functional report is recommended.

How long will it take to get my report?

There is often a 4-8 week wait for extensive reports to be completed by Not Just Bendy NDIS report team.

For the supporting letter, you therapist should be able to give you a time-frame but usually this takes around 2-3 weeks.

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