Cancellation and No-Show Policy

(Please note: NDIS plan-managed clients have a different cancellation arrangement as per the Not Just Bendy NDIS service agreement)

We really value time — both yours and ours.

Our cancellation policy supports and respects the time commitment of our clients and our service providers     , and is intended to make our expectations clear. The policy also ensures we are able to provide all our clients with timely access to our services.

Late cancellations, no shows and late arrivals inconvenience not only our practitioners, but our other clients as well. We ask that you advise us of any cancellations as early as possible, as we often have long waiting lists for appointments.


Regular Cancellation

If you provide more than 24 hours’ notice that you will not be able to make an appointment, you will not be charged a cancellation fee and are free to reschedule to a suitable time.


Late Cancellation

A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment time.  At Not Just Bendy, we have a high proportion of complex clients attending our clinic, and we understand that your circumstances can change rapidly, altering your ability to attend your appointment in person.  If you call to cancel or re-book your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, we will give you the option of changing your original appointment to telehealth, or paying a cancellation fee equivalent to 50% of the booked treatment charge.


No Show / Non-Attendance / Very Late Cancellation

We classify an appointment as a no-show if you cancel within 3 hours of your appointment time, or do not show up for your booked appointment. In this situation,     you will be liable for a no show/non-attendance fee equivalent to 100% of the treatment charge. You also have the option of changing to a telehealth as an alternative to not attending     .


Late Arrival

​​Our service providers always endeavour to run on time, and your late arrival to a booked appointment will unfortunately reduce your treatment time. Our service providers are unable to add additional time at the end of the appointment to make up for any missed time at the start, as they are usually fully booked. Appointment fees will not be adjusted to account for lost time due to a late arrival.

Terms and Conditions

  • For those who are absent, repeatedly late, or cancel 3 times, we reserve the right to request pre-payment for any further sessions booked.
  • In extreme cases, continued dismissal of our attendance policy may result in a client being unable to make future appointments at Not Just Bendy. We hope to avoid this as much as possible, but it is our opinion that a client-physio relationship must demonstrate mutual respect.
  • In most cases, Workcover insurance companies, as well as Medicare, and other third parties will not pay cancellation fees, so clients will need to cover these fees independently
  • Not Just Bendy may waive the cancellation fee at its discretion, however exceptions are only made for genuine extenuating circumstances.

Please do not rely on our email or SMS reminders — they are a complimentary service and are not foolproof.

Other policies and answers can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions page.